Melton Gig Guide: March 31 to April 5 - Melton Times

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Tomorrow night at The Stute, Wells Fargo will perform for the Double A Country Music Club. Organiser John Gallagher said: “I think it’s the last reunion there will be of Wells Fargo, we will have Hayden Reg, Norvil, (three of the four Wells Fargo group as was in the early 80s.”

Why not kick your weekend off with some Fresh Meat? The band debut on Friday at the Noels Arms. This is a new project from some of your favourite local musicians. George Simpson out front, and George Leake, Will Hay and Lloyd.

The Crown have booked Boneyard Bluesband to headline on Saturday. The band deliver a delicious mix in a stripped- down rocking three- piece. The boys will cover hit after hit of classics by the likes of The Stones, The Doors, ZZ Top, Zeppelin, Hendrix and Bowie.

Saturday sees Bonnylou gig at the Genny B with a full band. She has a unique style drawn from various influences such as Janis Joplin.

Reckless headline at the Noels Arms on Saturday. This will be the last gig for the band’s drummer.

Popular Demand are back at The Grapes on Saturday. The energetic vocal duo perform a sensational mix of classic and current chart hits. There will be high-energy vocals, a spot of guitar playing and a touch of humour.

The Noels Arms hosts Courtyard Jukebox on Sunday. Courtyard Jukebox are Julie (vocals) and Dom (guitar). The pair seamlessly blend old and new to suit every occasion and venue.

Tuesday sees Melton Folk Club gather at The Crown hosted by Adrian Kerr.

On Wednesday, for the very first time, Bill’s Bar, in Oakham, is hosting an open mic night hosted by Simon Booth.