Melton Gig Guide: February 12 to 14 - Melton Times

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The Peas are set to play at the Noels Arms on Friday. They have dug deep into the depths of the 80s, 90s and 00s to perform classics laced with mouth trumpets, kazoos, tambourines and others.

If you’re a fan of the 50s and 60s head on down to the Genny B on Friday night and watch Big Dave Bopper.

As featured in the BBC TV documentary “The Joy of the Guitar Riff,” Purple Zeppelin are proud to pay tribute to two of the greatest rock bands of all time, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. They are to perform at Melton Theatre on Saturday.

At Somerby Memorial Hall on Saturday, romance, music and dance is in the air. A variety of well known hits have been lined up for all ages and genre lovers in aid of Riding for the Disabled Group and Birch Wood Special School.

Saturday also sees Ouse Singles Club play at the Noels Arms. They are a unique three piece outfit hailing from Bedford who blend the energy of punk with the swing of rock n’ roll.

Picto Mexico headline at the Genny B on Saturday. Expect loads of laughs, hugs and songs from the 50s to current chart toppers.

The Grapes hosts the TCB Duo (which means Taking Care of Business) on Saturday. Formed in 2009 when solo act Frankie Starr brought on board his wife Amanda, the duo will definitely show you a good time.

Sunday sees A Fraction Of take the stage at the Noels Arms. Fraction Of are exactly that...a fraction of Northern Quarter. They are the first of the Wax Lyrical bands featuring guest fiddle player Kelly Holloran.