Melton Gig Guide: April 28 to May 3 - Melton Times

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Open Mic Goodness returns to the Noels Arms tonight. It will be hosted by Archie Pearson and there will be a drum kit available on the night along with full P.A.

On Friday evening, the Noels Arms hosts Ray as part of their Early Doors sessions. He will perform an arsenal of feel food tunes.

More Coffe Co will put on their Closed Mike Session hosted by James V Joyce on Friday. The evening will start with some of James’s young muso’s working through the ranks until he gets to the band. The Genny B hosts a special bash for outgoing landlord Mich Rathbone with Indio Black performing on Friday.

This is definitely a gig not to miss, sell the children, quit your job, rob a bank or do whatever it takes.

Saturday sees the return of Picto Mexico at the Genny B. Listen to the band play their usual mix of hits across the ages.

Talisman are ready to let loose in the Noels Arms on Saturday. They will entertain with a traditional mix of metal. Expect to hear tunes from Maiden, Metallica, AC/DC, Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot, amongst many others. The Grapes host Sounds Rite on Saturday. Brothers John and Ronnie Horton, two lads who make up the popular singing duo will play rock, pop and ballads from the last five decades.

Another Tubes Meltdown event will take place on Saturday. There will also be a live show from drummer Ethan Joyce. Tickets are £3.50 from Icon Music or Milk Skateshop.

Sunday sees The Broadcasters featuring Carla Burchall perform at the Noels Arms.

Debuting, The Brodcasters will bring a mixture of blues, americana and pop to the party.

Falling Angels headline at The Grapes on Sunday. They will be armed with accordion, harp, cittern, guitar, banjo and a bunch of Irish jigs ballads reels.

The Crown at Asfordby has Junction Classic Rock giging on Sunday. As well as writing and performing their own material, they specialise in classic covers from the likes of Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi and AC/DC.

Tuesday sees Melton Folk Club gather in the Tiger Room at The Crown. This is a new venture that welcomes people of all ages and is hosted by Adrian Kerr.

Note from Pete: I would like to personally thank Mick Rathbone for his continued support, without which, the Melton Gig Guide would have never got off the ground!