Here’s when and where you can see Trumpton this Christmas in Melton - the full itinerary

Melton firefighters with Trumpton PHOTO: Tim Williams
Melton firefighters with Trumpton PHOTO: Tim Williams
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Wrap up warm and get ready to wave and greet Trumpton as it takes another tour of Melton in the coming days.

For the 40th year, the town’s firefighters are taking their fundraising fire engine around our streets to spread Christmas cheer to all, especially children.

Trumpton is heading to Kings Road, Flemming Drive and Harvey Street first, on Monday, December 10.

Other dates/routes for Trumpton are:

Tuesday, (Dec 11) - Queensway and Hartopp Road.

Wednesday, (Dec 12) - Laycock Avenue, Redwood Avenue and Wymondham Way.

Thursday, (Dec 13) - Heather Crescent, Edendale Road and Swallowdale Road.

Friday, (Dec 14) - Dieppe Way, The Crescent and Tennyson Way.

Saturday, (Dec 15) - *Town centre.

Sunday, (Dec 16) - Asfordby.

Monday, (Dec 17) - *Morrisons.

Tuesday, (Dec 18) - *B&H Midland Services, Baldocks Lane and Grange Drive.

Wednesday, (Dec 19) - *Tesco, Stirling Road, West Avenue and Welby Lane.

Thursday, (Dec 20) - *Sainsbury’s, Redbrook Crescent, Tamar Road and Valley Road.

Friday, (Dec 21) - *Aldi, Highfield Avenue and Horseguards Way.

Saturday, (Dec 22) - *Town centre.

Monday, (Dec 24) - *Twinlakes.

Static routes have been marked with a*. Street routes start at 6pm. All routes and dates are subject to change due to fire calls.

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