Cauda Equina Syston charity shop requires hobby donations for its new craft area in store

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A charity shop in Syston is calling upon members of the public to donate hobby supplies for it’s new craft area in the store.

The Cauda Equina UK shop opposite the town’s Co-op supermarket requires donations consisting of knitting needles,crochet hooks,cottons,embroidery silks,knitting patterns and more.

Shop manager Victoria Reed said: “We are looking to have an ongoing craft area in our charity shop to appeal to local people who are looking for craft and hobby supplies.

“We will accept button tins, card making supplies and sewing kits, anything that is craft related.

“As well as crafting items we do still need clothing, books, bric a brac and other items you may no longer need. It doesn’t matter how old items are they will be greatly appreciated.

“Your donations are very much appreciated and we are very thankful for anything you have to donate.”

The charity shop is open 9am to 3.45pm Monday to Saturday.

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