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Les Miserbales School Edition

Melton Theatre

Review by Owen Brooks and Carole Rowsell

We joined a capacity audience at Melton Theatre for what was Sky Theatre’s first night performance of Les Miserables School Edition. Based on the novel by Victor Hugo and running in the West End for many years, the cast had someone to live up to.

Did they do this? Without doubt! From the unique interpretation of the opening scene (the working song at The Docks) we all knew we were in for something special. Javert, played by Benjamin Studd, established himself as a formidable Javert presiding over downtrodden Valjean.

It is hard not to list every cast member as they were all excellent and be aware that the female principals are double cast. We got to see Holly Sterry as Fantine who played her role with emotion, Isabella Sterry as Eponine (who Marius continually overlooked in his pursuance of his love, Cosette (played by Lulu-Mae Pears).

The comical Thernadiers grew in confidence as the show went on. The cast are all stars, we felt, but two who we both highlighted to keep eyes on for the future were Gavroche (played by William Evans) and Grantaire (played by Charlie Baxter).

The sound quality was excellent, the lighting effects were impressive (again a unique interpretation of Javert’s suicide scene was put to us) and having a live band (under the direction of James Harrison) definitely added to the performance.

Is the show worth seeing? Definitely. Well done to Suzanne Forrester and her production team for bringing it all together. The cast deserved the standing ovation they received at the end.