Buggyfit comes to Long Clawson

Buggyfit classes
Buggyfit classes
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A series of weekly Buggyfit classes have been launched in Long Clawson to help mums and their newborns stay healthy this spring.

The classes which take place at Long Clawson Recreation Ground at 1.30pm on Mondays, have been organised by mum of three Sarah Woodhouse, and are designed to encourage physical activity.

Buggyfit incorporate cardiovascular and fat-burning exercises with strength training and toning, concentrating on the specific areas that need work after childbirth.

Sarah said: “Buggyfit is an outdoor exercise class completely designed with the needs of new mums in mind, allowing them to bring their babies in the pram or buggy.

“After having a baby, life appears to absorb all your time with ‘baby activities,’ and clinic visits; but studies show that taking time out for yourself, especially to exercise, is fantastic not only for your fitness levels but mental state too, relieving stress, improving stamina and making for a happier mum.

“Buggyfit comes with the added bonus of exercising with like-minded women enabling you to make new friends and benefit from the social fun these classes bring.”

For more information call Sarah on 07747 797116 or email sarah.woodhouse@hotmail.com

Alternatively, visit her website at http://www.thismummycan.co.uk/