Regal Cinema Melton: Film guide September 3 to 10

Southpaw 'PHOTO: PA Photo/Scott Garfield/The Weinstein Company
Southpaw 'PHOTO: PA Photo/Scott Garfield/The Weinstein Company
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NT Live: The Beaux’ Stratagem Today at 7pm.

Fantastic Four (12A) The third of Marvel’s Fantastic Four movies features a superb cast, including Miles Teller (Whiplash) as Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic, and Kate Mara (127 Hours, Transcendence) as Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman. Four space cadets are teleported to an alternative universe, where their bodies are transformed into extreme forms and they gain new superpowers. They must harness these abilities to confront iconic enemy Dr Doom (Toby Kebell) in this sure-fire summer hit. Friday at 6pm, Saturday at 3.45pm and 8.45pm, Sunday at 2.30pm and Tuesday at 8pm.

Southpaw (15pm) Billy ‘The Great’ Hope (Gyllenhaal) is a much-feted if controversially violent middleweight boxing champion whose family life is thrown into disarray by a tragic accident. Mired in drink and drugs, he is saved from self-destruction by an older ex-fighter, Titus ‘Tick’ Wills (Whitaker). Wills somehow revives Hope’s lost sense of self-worth, turning him into a thoughtful, committed sportsman in this tense, visceral and ultimately redemptive drama. Friday at 8.15pm, Saturday at 6pm and Sunday at 8pm.

Spooks: The Greater Good (15pm) Thursday at 6pm.

Absolutely Anything (12A) Ace joker Robin Williams’s final film has him voicing Dennis, a dog belonging to Neil (Pegg), a weary teacher in a sink school on whom the power to do Absolutely Anything has been randomly bestowed by distant aliens (voiced by Monty Python alumni John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Michael Palin and Terry Jones). Sunday at 7.30pm, Monday and Wednesday at 6pm, Tuesday at 2pm and Thursday at 8.30pm.

Addicted To Sheep (PG)

Beautifully observed and laugh-out-loud funny, this heartwarming film charts a year in the life of a tenant hill farmer and his family as they try to breed the perfect sheep. Through rain, shine, sleet and snow we see them toil away against the stunning landscapes of north-east England. Monday at 8pm and Tuesday at 4pm and 6pm.