Absorbing paranormal adventure book published by Melton author

Book cover for The Mystery of Doe Eyes by Nigel Plane
Book cover for The Mystery of Doe Eyes by Nigel Plane
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A thrilling paranormal adventure book which will appeal to fans of adult fantasy fiction has been published by a Melton author.

The Mystery of Doe Eyes written by Nigel Plane is a strong on atmosphere novel that is set in a hinterland of tidal-creeks, reed-beds and ancient ruins.

The plot is of Theia on a mission. Already down on her luck, she returns to her old ways by resorting to the world’s oldest profession, but when a client steals her money, she is determined to get it back at all costs.

Nigel has worked in the financial retail industry for nearly 40 years. He draws inspiration for his writing through a passion for history, both ancient and modern, as well as walking and photographing the English landscape.

Mr Plane has written several short stories, some of which are included in a collection entitled Ghosts and Femmes Fatales and two novels, The Daughters of Carrawburgh and The Golden Goddess.

The Mystery of Doe Eyes retails for £7.99 and is available to purchase from www.troubador.co.uk, Amazon or any mainstream book shop. It’s also available as an eBook from online stores.

For more information visit www.nigelplanebooks.co.uk or email nigel.plane2@ntlworld.com