White Tiger Jujitsu enjoy superb results at Melton grading

White Tiger jujitsu grading students EMN-150623-104842002
White Tiger jujitsu grading students EMN-150623-104842002
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White Tiger Jujitsu instructors Sensei Antony Howell and Sensei Steve Parkin were delighted after 55 students received their next belts after a grading at Jubilee Sports last week.

Grading officers Shihan Craig Connell (6th Dan) and Sensei Sam Butterworth (2nd Dan) travelled from Oldham to assess the students who ranged from those taking their first belt to black belt, and also included three in the Japanese Sword art of Iaido.

Many gained Merit and Honour awards, rewarding those who carried out the moves to a high standard of knowledge and reflected their commitment to training. Parents, partners and family members looked on as the grading officers pushed them all hard in their displays of controlled defences.

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Results –

Tiger Cubs (age 3-6): Elli Townsend, Charlie Robison, Katie Marshall (level 2); Elli Townsend, Harrison Archer, Daisy Smith (level 3); Hugo Janes, Arthur Dobson, George Ross, Innes Rahwangi Green (level 5); Oscar Stewart, Joshua Lawrence, Barnaby Clemons (level 6).

Juniors (age 7-14): Alice Lambert, Henry Brown, Oscar Roe (red); Adam Lewin, Charlie Pick, Richard and Hannah Skelton, Dixie Baxter, Tom and Lily Bishop, Macy Roe, Kacper Marciniak, Alfie Whittaker, Mollie Smith (yellow); Phoebe Patterson (orange); Louie Stace, Henry Elliott-Grooby (green); Frank Humberstone (brown/white); Joe Johnson (brown).

Seniors: Lauryn Tomkinson, Kai Martin, Mellissa Todd, Dawn Partridge (red); Robert and Wikki Marciniak, Dawn Partridge (yellow); Marco Gianesella, Matt Anthony, Hannah Tomkinson, Steve Bruce (orange); Ian Dolton, Simon Artingstall, Sam Pugsley, Glen Kinghorn, Becky Ball (blue/white); Toby Lawrence, George Skinner, Hannah Pilsworth (blue); Craig Hodgson (purple); Jonno Marshall (black).

Iaido: Craig Hodgson, Toby Lawrence, Ian Pickett (blue).