Lake View Fishery: Fowkes nets golden peg at qualifying win

Jimmy Fowkes. 6KdYmGuLLwMa6ALHq8j1
Jimmy Fowkes. 6KdYmGuLLwMa6ALHq8j1
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Steve Davis and Matt Smith became the latest anglers to qualify for this month’s two-day Summer series final at lake View Fishery.

Davis finished second behind Ken Daws at last Wednesday’s qualifier for the Middy MX Luggage Spring/Summer Series final, which will be held on Saturday and Sunday, August 24 and 25.

Jack Danby.

Jack Danby.

He finished 25lb behind clear winner Daws who landed 102lb from peg 19 on canal.

Smith, meanwhile, brought 47lb to the scales, which was good enough for Saturday’s qualifying place despite finishing only 16th in the match itself.

The match was won by Jimmy Fowkes who caught a huge haul of 126lb from golden peg 22 on lagoon to earn an £80 bonus.

Carl Sutton was also in the money at the Sunday Open as he landed the top weight on stream of 65lb from golden peg 18 to take home an extra £70.

Wednesday winner Ken Daws EMN-190608-185556002

Wednesday winner Ken Daws EMN-190608-185556002

Sutton was fifth overall as the top four weights all went to anglers on river, Jack Danby winning with 94lb from peg 10.

Results (top five) –

Middy MX Luggage Spring/Summer Series match 42: 1 Ken Daws (LVS) 102lb 10oz (canal peg 19), 2 Steve Davis 77lb 2oz (canal 28), 3 Dan Hull 76lb 7oz (lagoon 7), 4 Neal Barlow (Sutherland News) 72lb 8oz (canal 11), 5 Andy Searle (LVS) 69lb 11oz (lagoon 25).

Middy MX Luggage Spring/Summer Series match 43: 1 Jimmy Fowkes (Dyanmite Baits/Matrix/Trentmen) 126lb 7oz (lagoon golden peg 22), 2 John Baker (LVS) 89lb 5oz (lagoon 9) 9, 3 Jimmy Aley (LVS) 80lb 1oz (lagoon 4), 4 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite Baits) 79lb 7oz (canal 15), 5 Ken Daws (LVS) 75lb 12oz (canal 19).

Sunday Open: 1 Jack Danby (Dynamite Baits) 94lb 5oz (river peg 10), 2 Jimmy Fowkes (Dynamite Baits/Matrix/Trentmen) 88lb 12oz (river 5), 3 Ben Checkley 77lb 10oz (river 15), 4 Paul Taylor 70lb 1oz (river 12), 5 Carl Sutton 65lb (stream golden peg 18).