Lake View Fishery: Fowkes lands golden peg win

Jimmy Fowkes.
Jimmy Fowkes.
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Jimmy Fowkes enjoyed a golden peg bonus at Lake View Fishery as he took top spot at Saturday’s qualifier for the Middy MX Luggage Spring/Summer Series.

Fowkes earned a £110 bonus for the win after landing 97lb 2oz from peg eight on canal.

But having already reached August’s final, the qualifying place went to Paul Cole who finished fourth with 70lb 11oz from canal peg five.

Ken Daws took top weight on marina, finishing second overall from peg 25 with 81lb 15oz.

* Wednesday’s qualifying spot went to Daz Sly who finished sixth with 60lb 15oz from peg five on river.

The match honours went to Sean Huggins who brought in 114lb from peg 17 on stream, while top weight on river was Bob Greenbury’s 92lb from peg 20.

* Three lakes were used for the Sunday Open which attracted 22 anglers.

Dan Hull finished top of the tree with a huge haul of 134, taken from peg one on stream.

Runner-up Jack Danby topped the weights on river with 114lb on peg six, while third-placed Steve Davis headed the serpent challenge with 113lb from peg two.

Results (top five) –

Middy MX Luggage Spring/Summer Series match 38: 1 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite Baits) 114lb 4oz (stream peg 17), 2 Mick Beckhurst (Preci-Spark Sports) 107lb 2oz (stream 1), 3 Tony Blackwell (LVS) 105lb 12oz (stream 4), 4 Bob Greenbury (Drennan) 92lb 11oz (river 20), 5 Steve Haywood (Middy) 71lb 5oz (river 18).

Middy MX Luggage Spring/Summer Series match 39: 1 Jimmy Fowkes (Dynamite Baits/Matrix/Trentmen) 97lb 2oz (golden canal peg 8), 2 Ken Daws (LVS) 81lb 15oz (marina 25), 3 Andy Searle (LVS) 75lb 2oz (marina 15), 4 Paul Cole 70lb 11oz (canal 5), 5 Jimmy Aley (LVS) 65lb 7oz (marina 10).

Sunday Open: 1 Dan Hull (Dynamite Baits) 134lb 3oz (stream peg 1), 2 Jack Danby (Dynamite Baits) 114lb 8oz (river 6), 3 Steve Davis 113lb 6oz (serpent 2), 4 Jimmy Fowkes (Dynamite Baits/Matrix/Trentmen) 111lb 13oz (river 4), 5 Steve Haywood (Middy) 98lb 1oz (river 20).