Lake View angling: Searle and Hull strike gold at qualifier

Andy Searle won a �70 bonus EMN-190813-182450002
Andy Searle won a �70 bonus EMN-190813-182450002
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The prize money flowed once against lake View Fishery as Andy Searle took home a golden peg bonus last Wednesday.

Searle won the first of the two weekly Middy MX Luggage Spring/Summer Series qualifiers, landing 85lb from golden peg 15 on lagoon.

Third-placed Dan Hull also hit the £90 golden peg jackpot with the top weight on marina of 77lb, from 25, as well as the qualifying place for the bank holiday weekend final.

Saturday’s stormy winds made sport tougher for the second qualifier, but winner Tony Blackwell still managed a three-figure weight, taking 104lb from lagoon peg seven.

Fourth-placed Sean Huggins took top weight on river with 70lb from peg 15.

Jack Danby took the biggest match weight of the week to win the Sunday Open, landing 158lb from peg seven on canal, while fourth-placed Dave White topped the lagoon weights with 85lb from peg 25.

Results (top five) –

Middy MX Luggage Spring/Summer Series Match 44: 1 Andy Searle (LVS) 85lb 4oz lagoon golden peg 15), 2 Tony Blackwell (LVS) 79lb (lagoon 25), 3 Dan Hull 77lb 14oz (marina golden peg 25), 4 Stew Dalby (Coopers Tackle) 77lb 9oz (marina peg 14), 5 Neal Barlow (Sutherland News) 72lb 14oz (marina 12).

Middy MX Luggage Spring/Summer Series Match 45: 1 Tony Blackwell (LVS) 104lb 6oz (lagoon peg 7), 2 Ken Daws (LVS) 97lb 6oz (lagoon 4), 3 Jimmy Fowkes (Dynamite Baits/Maatrix/Trentmen) 85lb 15oz (lagoon 22), 4 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite Baits) 70lb 10oz (river 15), 5 Dave White (LVS) 64lb 5oz (river 1).

Sunday Open: 1 Jack Danby (Dynamite Baits) 158lb 2oz (canal peg 7), 2 Jimmy Fowkes (Dynamite Baits/Matrix/Trentmen) 123lb 3oz (canal 15), 3 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite Baits) 97lb 13oz (canal 5), 4 Dave White (LVS) 85lb 2oz (lagoon 25), 5 John Baker (LVS) 83lb 14oz (canal 27).