Lake View angling: Mick dominates winter qualifier

Mick Beckhurst EMN-191211-154521002
Mick Beckhurst EMN-191211-154521002
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Mick Beckhurst dominated the competition to book his place at next year’s Middy MX Luggage Autumn/Winter final at Lake View.

His haul of 94lb 11oz, from canal peg 15, was double that of runner-up Tony Blackwell at last Wednesday’s qualifier, and more than 60lb ahead of third-placed Wayne Smith.

Saturday winner Baz Bright EMN-191211-154511002

Saturday winner Baz Bright EMN-191211-154511002

Sean Nattrass took the week’s other qualifying spot as temperatures and weights plunged on Saturday.

He took just 22lb from serpent peg six which was good enough for the runners-up spot behind match winner Baz Bright who weighed in 25lb from peg 21 on lagoon.

Results (top five) –

Middy MX Luggage Autumn/Winter Qualifier match 19: 1 Mick Beckhurst (Preci-Spark Sports) 94lb 11oz (canal peg 15), 2 Tony Blackwell (LVS) 47lb 7oz (canal 10), 3 Wayne Smith 31lb 6oz (canal 12), 4 Andy Searle (LVS) 24lb 9oz (canal 7), 5 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite Baits) 18lb 4oz (canal 17).

Middy MX Luggage Autumn/Winter Qualifier match 20: 1 Baz Bright (Drennan/RAF) 25lb 1oz (lagoon peg 21), 2 Steve Nattrass (Burts Baits) 22lb 2oz (serpent 6), 3 Daz Sly (Coopers Tackle) 21lb 12oz (lagoon 10), 4 Tony Blackwell (LVS) 20lb 10oz (serpent 12), 5 Dave Smith (LVS) 20lb (serpent 2).

Sunday Open: 1= Mike Tyrer 36lb 6oz (serpent peg 20); 1= Jimmy Fowkes (Dynamite/Matrix/Trentmen) 36lb 6oz (serpent 2), 3 Dave Smith (LVS) 30lb 6oz (serpent 23), 4 Luke Downing 22lb 4oz (serpent 12), 5 Doug Jackson 18lb 2oz (serpent 7).