Feeding frenzy as Dirk enjoys golden peg day

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Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 12:47 am
Angling news.

Dirk Williams had a golden peg day and found fish in a feeding frenzy throughout the match as Lake View Vets met on Saturday.

Fishing peg two on River, he ended breaking the ton with 105lbs which left him well ahead of the rest of the pack.

The back bank of River fished well and it was just 3lbs that separated four of the anglers.

Pete Sisson took the section from peg 14 with 52lbs, where he caught late on in the match.

He just managed to push Martin Quilter, on peg 12, into third on the lake with 50lbs.

Mark Bowles was fourth also with 50lbs.

On Stream it was a struggle and Roy Toulson took the lake with just 29lbs from peg 12.

The other section was won by John Bayliss with 21lbs from peg six.

Last Wednesday, weather conditions changed once again and it certainly affected the fish feeding.

John Cooke, on Marina peg three, started well with ide and eventually got the F1's and carp feeding on a regular basis.

His 44lbs was enough to take the match.

On peg 25 Pete Cliffe had some good sized mirrors and carp but was not able to keep them coming and ended with 32lbs.

Dirk Williams was third with 31lbs from peg 20 while Graham Statham won the other section with 29lbs from peg nine.

On Serpent weights were well down again and there were only a couple of decent weights.

Rob Shuter won the lake with 39lbs made up of a mixed bag from peg 19.

Steve Fletcher was second from peg 10 with 26lbs.