Dadd leads the Stilton Striders home

By Chris Genes

By Duncan Browne
Thursday, 20th January 2022, 9:45 am
Updated Thursday, 20th January 2022, 9:46 am
The Striders ready to go.
The Striders ready to go.

On Sunday a group of Stilton Striders entered and ran in the third race in a series of five Derby Runner cross country events organised by West End Runners.

The 5.55 mile (8.85km) course was both a physically challenging race due to the very heavy going with lots of mud to contend with.

It was also a very technically difficult course as it meandered through Martinshaw Woods with the bright sun making it difficult underfoot navigating the tree roots and open ditches.

Ayesha Bickle

In the men’s race Josh Dadd was first Strider home in a very creditable 32nd place out of a field of nearly 300.

Next home was David Brook (58th), Ian Bickle (78th), Andy Nicholls (99th), Anthony Ison (118th), Ian Drage (127th), Duncan Greene (137th) and Robert Craig (142nd).

Robert was hampered by losing the sole off one of his shoes half way round.

Also running was Michael Cooke (166th), John Martin (226th) and Chris Genes (244th).

In the women’s section, which started five minutes after the men’s race, debutante Zoe Wyrko finished strongly in 78th position, followed by Jane Martin (97th), Anne Craddock (111th) and Leigh Pick (119th) - who as a partially sighted runner was guided around by Nick Pryke, which was a credit to them both considering the difficult and sometimes congested course.

Earlier in the day Ayesha Bickle completed in an equally challenging Primary School age race and finished in a well deserved sixth position.