Melton turn tables in annual match

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.
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Melton Mowbray Town triumphed in the annual Kirton Cup with a comprehensive 157-137 victory over Kirton on Saturday.

Melton lost the first leg of the contest away from home by a score of 85-57.

But they turned it all around with a dominant display in the home leg.

Melton claimed the silver trophy with a 100-52 success to overturn their 28-point deficit from the opener.

Scores (Melton players named): Alan Dawson, Mike Pratt, Barbara Woodcock and Harold Twigg lost 22-14; Kevin Hutchins, Mick Parker, Fred Thorpe and Jenny McConnell won 33-14; Sid Greenstreet, Andrew North, Les Woodcock and Kevan Murray won 25-10; Bob Johnson, Eric Morgan, Vince Darling and David Poate won 28-6.

l Melton Mowbray Town beat Fosseway by 80-53 in a home game.

Results (Melton skip names): Jenny McConnell won 23-11; Les Woodcock won 17-14; Kevan Murray won 18-15; Harold Twigg won 22-13.

l Loughborough Phoenix beat Melton Town 86-66.

Results (Melton skip names): Paul McConnell won; Arthur Broadberry lost; Les Woodcock and Harold Twigg both drew.