Lakeview Fishing: Bond and White reach Middy final

Lakeview qualifier Richard Bond EMN-150818-153707002
Lakeview qualifier Richard Bond EMN-150818-153707002
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Blistering temperatures and bright sunshine kept the weights down at Wednesday’s Middy qualifier at Lakeview.

Canal lake proved to be the best draw with regular Neil Edwards taking the lead with 86lb 14oz, mainly of carp, skimmers and barbel on dead maggot, fishing down the track and across.

Lakeview qualifier David White EMN-150818-153656002

Lakeview qualifier David White EMN-150818-153656002

Steve Kinch, on the unfavoured peg 24, needed just one more fish to take top spot, catching small carp and F1s, but fell just short on 86lb 1oz.

Neil and Steve have already qualified for the Middy final in September, allowing newcomer David White to qualify with a good weight of 81lb from canal peg four.

Top five: 1 Neil Edwards (Maver) 86lb 14oz (canal 10), 2 Steve Kinch (Dynamite Matrix) 86lb 1oz (canal 24), 3 David White (Makins) 81lb (canal 4), 4 Bronson Arme (LV Select) 70lb 8oz (canal 19), 5 Bob Murray (Netbusters) 65lb (canal 12).

* Richard Bond was Saturday’s qualifier as top three Sean Huggins, Scoot Robinson and Steve Haywood had already made it through to the final.

The newcomer was surprised to make it through with a weight of 77lb 4oz, catching carp and skimmers on pellet and maggot.

Huggins was the overall winner, off peg six, catching a mixed net of fish including carp to 5lb, F1s and a few barbel down the track and over using ground bait.

Top five: 1 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite) 91lb 14oz (canal 6), 2 Scott Robinson (Mill Tackle) 89lb 1oz (canal 24), 3 Steve Haywood (Middy) 77lb 4oz (canal 30), 4 Richard Bond (Maver Image) 70lb 2oz (canal 4), 5 Sandra Scotthorne (Drennan) 62lb 4oz (canal 8).

* The top three weights at Sunday’s open match all broke the ton mark.

Lakeview regular Ken Daws was the clear winner with an impressive 126lb 15oz off peg 24 on serpent. He caught down the margins fishing to his left and right, feeding maggot in the swims to catch carp, F1s and skimmers.

Bob Greenbury caught shallow to the next peg and also down the track and over to finish a close second with 118lb 13oz.

Top five: 1 Ken Daws (Sensas) 126lb 15oz (serpent peg 24), 2 Bob Greenbury (Drennan) 118lb 13oz (marina 11), 3 Alan Scotthorne (Drennan) 101lb 7oz (marina 22), 4 Keith Daws (LV Select) 84lb 8oz (marina 19), 5 Brian Greenbury (LV Select) 80lb 13oz (serpent 2).