Lakeview Fishery: Veterans work hard for their catches in latest Summer League match

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With the fish spawning and cruising around on the surface, anglers competing at Lakeview Fishery’s veterans match found catching them was not easy.

Last Wednesday’s latest Summer League match was fished on the marina pool, and eventually only by feeding quite heavily and shallow was it possible to get the fish interested.

Ian Donalson took full advantage of the situation, fishing maggot.

After a slow start he caught towards the end of the match and ended with 39lb which turned out to be a good weight on the day.

Only Gary Smith could keep up, but he was six pounds short at the end of the match.

Third place, and the section money, went to Cliff Adcock who just made it with seven good fish, weighing in at 26lb.

On the other side of the lake, Pete Sisson was the surprise winner of the section with just 19lb.

The fish, as do the anglers, definitely need a spell of settled weather to get into some good weights.