Lakeview Fishery: Melton angler Sharpe lands Middy final spot

Middy final qualifier Ben Sharpe EMN-160119-154734002
Middy final qualifier Ben Sharpe EMN-160119-154734002
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Steve Haywood was the overall winner of the latest Middy Xtreme Winter Series match at Lakeview last Wednesday.

Fishing on the lagoon pool, the Middy-sponsored angler caught 54lb 9oz on maggot down the track, margins and over.

With the drop in temperatures, the F1s were feeding which made the lagoon perform well.

With the top four already through to the final, local angler Ben Sharpe, who works for Melton Angling, was pleased to qualify for the Middy Xtreme final in March after missing out last week by one fish.

Top 10: 1 Steve Haywood (Middy) 53lb 9oz (lagoon 4), 2 Rob Lee (LV Select) 39lb 3oz (lagoon 25), 3 Andy Searle (LV Select) 37lb 12oz (lagoon 23), 4 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite) 36lb 2oz (canal 22), 5 Ben Sharpe (Melton Ang) 33lb 8oz (canal 17), 6 Keith Measure (Melton Ang) 22lb 8oz (canal 24), 7 Bob Greenbury (Sensas) 16lb 5oz (canal 14), 8 Ady Reynolds 14lb 12oz (lagoon 7), 9 Mick Beckhurst (LV Select) 10lb 12oz (canal 2), 10 Matt Godfrey (Pole Fishing) 10lb 5oz (canal 19).