Lake View: Sly and Sahall edge into winter series final

Daz Sly had to battle Storm Brian as well as his rivals EMN-171024-153809002

Daz Sly was rewarded for turning out at Lake View Fishery in the midst of Storm Brian with a qualifying spot at the Middy-Adrenaline Baits Final next March.

Sly was one of just nine anglers to brave the storm for Saturday’s match which proved to be very close-fought. He took the win with 55lb from lagoon peg eight, just a few ounces ahead of runner-up Sean Huggins, while Steve Haywood also pushed the pair close.

Jason Sahall won match 11 in the winter series EMN-171024-153825002

The week’s other qualifying spot went to Jason Sahal who pipped Andy Searle to the match win last Wednesday with 66lb 8oz, caught from peg 15 on canal.

Even fewer anglers fancied battling the remaining strong winds on Sunday morning for the Dynamite Baits Open.

Carl Sutton topped an eight-strong field with 40lb 10oz, edging Steve Haywood into his second runners-up finish of the week.

Results (top five) –

Middy-Adrenaline Baits Winter Qualifier (match 11): 1 Jason Sahall (LVS) 66lb 8oz (canal peg 20), 2 Andy Searle (LVS) 60lb 5oz (canal 15), 3 Steve Haywood (Middy) 47lb 1oz (canal 9), 4 Ben Checkley 46lb 5oz (canal 13), 5 Brian Greenbury (Coopers Tackle) 43lb 8oz (canal 17).

Middy-Adrenaline Baits Winter Qualifier (match 12): 1. Daz Sly (Coopers Tackle) 55lb (lagoon peg 8), 2 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite Baits) 54lb 4oz (lagoon 15), 3 Steve Haywood (Middy) 50lb 1oz (lagoon 10), 4 Steven Pretty (LVS) 37lb 4oz (lagoon 4), 5 Ben Checkley 27lb 8oz (lagoon 6).

Dynamite Baits Sunday Open: 1 Carl Sutton 40lb 10oz (lagoon peg 23), 2 Steve Haywood (Middy) 39lb 4oz (lagoon 4), 3 Tony Blackwell (LVS) 29lb 8oz (lagoon 21), 4 Stu Hagar 26lb 5oz (lagoon 9), 5 Andy Searle (LVS) 25lb 12oz (lagoon 18).

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