Lake View Fishing: Parnell pips Searle to final spot

Wednesday qualifier Roger Parnell EMN-171031-180506002

Roger Parnell and John Shellard became the latest anglers to qualify for the Middy-Adrenaline Baits Winter Series Final after topping last week’s qualifiers.

Parnell won a very tight match at Lake View Fishery last Wednesday, his 67lb 4oz haul from river peg 20 trumping Andy Searle by less than two pounds.

John Shellard won match 14 in the winter-long series EMN-171031-180519002

Shellard was given a little more breathing space on Saturday as his 62lb total, caught from peg 15 on the canal lake, finished almost seven pounds clear of runner-up Jason Sahall.

Searle was again in the mix, but again just missed out in third place.

* As temperatures began to fall on Sunday, weights were down for anglers fishing the Dynamite Baits-sponsored open match.

Bronson Arme topped a small eight-man field with 38lb 12oz, pipping runner-up Steve Haywood by less than a pound.

Results (top five) –

Middy-Adrenaline Baits Winter Qualifier (Match 13): 1 Roger Parnell (LVS) 67lb 4oz (river peg 20), 2 Andy Searle (LVS) 65lb 8oz (river 3), 3 Steven Haywood (Middy) 44lb 12oz (river 19), 4= Bob Dyer (Maver) 29lb 12oz (river 1), 4= Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite Baits) 29lb 12oz (river 13).

Middy-Adrenaline Baits Winter Qualifier (Match 14): 1 John Shellard (Drennan) 62lb 1oz (canal peg 15), 2 Jason Sahall (LVS) 55lb 4oz (canal 19), 3 Andy Searle (LVS) 52lb 10oz (canal 21), 4 Dave White (LVS) 29lb 5oz (canal 30), 5 Steven Pretty (LVS) 28lb 8oz (canal 7).

Dynamite Baits Sunday Open: 1 Bronson Arme (Marukyu) 38lb 12oz (lagoon peg 19), 2 Steve Haywood (Middy) 37lb 13oz (lagoon 9), 3 Bill Arme (LVS) 18lb 8oz (lagoon 12), 4 Stu Hagar (LVS) 17lb 12oz (lagoon 21), 5 Keith Daws (LVS) 13lb 8oz (lagoon 6).

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