Lake View Fishery: Edwards pips Searle at winter series qualifier

Neil Edwards won a two-horse race at last Wednesday's Lake View qualifier EMN-170711-123354002

Neil Edwards edged a close-fought qualifier at Lake View Fishery last Wednesday to book his place at the Middy-Adrenaline Baits Winter Series final next March.

It was a two-horse race with Edwards having a battle with Andy Searle before eventually coming out on top by 5lb with a total haul of 65lb 10oz taken from peg 13 on canal.

Dave White topped a 17-man field at Saturday's qualifier EMN-170711-123343002

Weights were up for Saturday’s match with Dave White topping the pile with an impressive 77lb 4oz from peg 14 on marina.

Danny Higgins followed with 68lb 1oz from nearby peg nine as the top four all broke the 60lb mark.

Steve Haywood went one better than last week’s runners-up spot to finish clear winner of the Dynamite Baits Sunday Open.

The Middy angler ended the day’s fishing more than 20lb clear of closest rival Dave White with a 65lb 6oz haul.

Sunday Open winner Steve Haywood EMN-170711-123303002

Middy-Adrenaline Baits Winter Qualifier (match 16): 1 Neil Edwards (Maver) 65lb 10oz (canal peg 13), 2 Andy Searle (LVS) 60lb 1oz (canal 8), 3 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite Baits) 37lb 4oz (lagoon 10), 4 Bob Dyer (Maver) 35lb 8oz (lagoon 18), 5 Stu Dalby 33lb 12oz (canal 3).

Middy-Adrenaline Baits Winter Qualifier (match 17): 1 Dave White (LVS) 77lb 4oz (marina peg 14), 2 Danny Higgins (Trentman/Matrix/Dynamite) 68lb 1oz (marina 9), 3 Bob Greenbury (Drennan) 62lb 4oz (marina 12), 4 Shaun Butler 60lb 4oz (marina 12), 5 Brian Greenbury (Coopers Tackle) 47lb 12oz (marina 24).

Dynamite Baits Sunday Open: 1 Steve Haywood (Middy) 65lb 6oz (marina peg 24), 2 Dave White (LVS) 45lb 4oz (marina 15), 3= Doug Jackson (LVS) 37lb 8oz (marina 18), 3= Steve Ward (LVS) 37lb 8oz (marina 9), 5 Stu Hagar (LVS) 35lb 12oz (marina 12).

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