Damatic fightback sees Kings C earn opening-match win

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The latest local sports news.
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LLBL Division Four

Hinckley B 53 Melton King C 57

Melton Kings C began their season with a four-point away victory at Hinckley B on Monday.

They travelled with a squad of seven, which included three new players, but the game started well for Kings, with Timon Rumbold winning the jump ball and Zee Tamosiunas scoring a quick two points.

After that, it was plain to see that this was the first game of the season for both teams as everybody appeared a little match rusty.

The offences for both teams lacked fluidity as both teams tried to move the ball, but passes went astray.

Hinckley’s Jaselski and Newland-Smith were the first to find their shooting range.

For Kings Rumbold worked hard inside and, along with strong drives from Tamosiunas, the game was kept even.

Paul Hodgkinson then started scoring from distance.

With his points and a Buzzer beater from Rumbold, Kings finished the quarter with a 17-11 lead.

The second quarter began with two points from Jaselski for Hinckley.

These answered with two from Rumbold and a three pointer from Hodgkinson.

Kings then seemed to go to sleep as their offence turned the ball over on numerous occasions, and their defence was very static.

This allowed Hinckley to drive to the boards without any pressure.

Kings were not helped when debutant Sam Cleall turned his ankle and had to sit out the rest of the game.

Jaselski scored another five points and he was backed up by six points from Finnegan as Hinckley led 26-24 at half time.

The third quarter appeared to be getting better for Kings but they could only score 10 points, shared between four players.

Whilst at the other end of the court Jaselski and Newland-Smith shared all of Hinckley’s 15 third-quarter points as the hosts led 41-34.

The final quarter started well for Kings, with Fern Jackson hitting a three pointer in the first minute, quickly followed by two more from Tamosiunas.

In the next five minutes Hinckley outscored Kings 10-4 as they moved 51-43 in front.

With renewed intensity, Kings got their game together and went on an 11-point scoring spree, which included three pointers from Tamosiunas and Hodgkinson top lead 54-53.

With 3.8 seconds on the clock Hodgkinson sunk a free throw and added a buzzer beater for a 57-53 victory.

Kings C host Fulhurst B at John Fernley College on Monday (7.45pm).

Scorers: Tamosiunas 20, Hodgkinson 18, Rumbold 13, Jackson 3, Gibbons 3.