Melton Olympic Cycling: Championship 10; Belvoir Handicap 25;

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Melton Olympic Cycling Club held the Belvoir Handicap 25-mile Time Trial using the Granby course on a warm, still evening.

A field of 18 riders entered with Jamie Haines posting the fastest time of 55min 04secs, but Gary Ison was awarded the trophy on handicap with a time of 1hr 04min 51secs.

Times: 1 Jamie Haines 55.04, 2 Stuart Faver 58.47, 3 Steve Savage 1.00.17, 4 Mark McCartney (Nottingham Clarion CC) 1.00.58, 5 Maciej Rakowski (Witham Wheelers) 1.02.40, 6 Adam Brown 1.03.02, 7 Adam Gardner 1.04.42, 8 Gary Ison 1.04.51, 9 Russell Gent 1.05.21, 10 John Atkin 1.07.01, 11 Jim Sutherland 1.07.13, 12 Louise George (Witham Wheelers) 1.08.36, 13 Dean Chapman 1.10.19, 14 Mark Saunders (Nottingham Clarion CC) 1.16.42, 15 Steve Knox 1.20.17.

* Last Wednesday, the club held its Championship 10 TT on the Plungar course and another good turnout saw 19 riders make the start line.

Adam Gasgoine (Pedal Power) clocked the fastest time with 21.50, but Jamie Haines was crowned club senior champion as the fastest Melton rider in 22.26.

Jeff Snodin was the veterans’ champion with a time of 24.01, Debbie Shaw took the women’s title in 30.30, and Kerrigan Robb was junior champion in 30.23.

Times: 1 Adam Gascoigne (Pedal Power) 21.50, 2 Jamie Haines 22.26, 3 Steve Savage 23.52, 4 Stuart Faver 23.57, 5 Jeff Snodin 24.01, 6 Glynn Attiwell 24.30, 7 Andrew Fitch (Sherwood CC) 25.09, 8 Maciej Rakowski (Witham Wheelers) 25.11, 9 Adam Brown 25.30, 10 Gary Ison 26.27, 11 Russell Gent 26.42, 12 Stephen Hobday (VC Rutland) 27.07, 13 John Atkin 27.15, 14 Dean Chapman 27.51, 15 Paul Ward (Sherwood CC) 28.05, 16 Cliff Jeffcote 29.50, 17 Kerrigan Robb 30.23, 18 Debbie Shaw 30.30, 19 Mark Saunders (Nottingham Clarion CC) 30.32.

* There were personal bests for MOCC riders who took on the Leicester Forest CC 25-mile TT at Six Hills on Saturday.

In the wet weather and gloom, Jamie Haines had to restart after his rear light failed. He managed to borrow one, and produced a fantastic time of 52.09, but incurred a 19-second late start penalty.

Stuart Faver stopped the clock in 54.42, Adam Brown recorded 58.42, Adam Gardner clocked 59.22 and Bryan Fenwick came home in 1.06.16, but unfortunately the club didn’t win the team prize because of Jamie’s restart.

The event was won by Adam Gasgoine (Pedal Power) in 49.44.

* The next round of the Wednesday Evening TT League is over three laps of the Ashby Pastures circuit, first riders off at 7.30pm.

* The Sunday club run leaves Mill Street car park at 9am with a halfway point of Sibthorpe.