Melton Jujitsu put students through their paces at summer grading

Tiger Cubs are put through their paces at Melton Jujitsu grading EMN-160507-171745002
Tiger Cubs are put through their paces at Melton Jujitsu grading EMN-160507-171745002
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Melton Jujitsu held their summer grading last weekend at Jubilee Sports where 69 students from as young as four took their next belt.

Grading officers Craig Connell (6th Dan) and Emma Connell travelled down from Oldham to put the juniors and seniors through their paces and ensure their techniques were up to the right standard.

Many students gained merit and honour awards, reflecting their ability to carry out the moves to a high standard and show their commitment to regular training.

The young Tiger Cubs were graded by club instructors Sensei Steve Parkin, Antony Howell and Tanya Artingstall.

The club attracts students from age three upwards, teaching self defence, fitness and situational awareness, the attributes which the grading officers were looking for when reviewing their techniques.

Results –

Tiger Cubs (age 3-6): Oscar Tang and Noah Harris (Level 1); Lexi Murphy, Sophie Pick, Sophie and Kasper Kolasa (Level 2); Louie Walton, Alex Krysiak, Filip Lisiecki, Xavier Ziarko (Level 3); George Charles, Reece Taker, Elliott Rodgers, Noah Mitchell, Megan Ninnis, Edee Hanford and Ivy Brown (Level 4); Khloe Jones, Katie Marshall and Charlie Robinson (Level 6).

Juniors (age 7-14): Barnaby Clemans, Bobbie Salmon and Jacob Marshal-Hicks (Red); Piotr Tyka, Thomas Lucy, Evie Moulson, Igor Kondratowski, Hugo Janes, Joshua Lawrence, Shania Monkhouse, Maisy Farmer, Korben Worby and Innes Rahwangi-Green (Yellow); Rhys Nethercot, Chelsea Flemming, Harry Farrington, Lola Cooper, Charlie Wyles, Thomas Vann, Magan Sargent and Ellie Townsend (Orange); Matthew Ashton, Kacper Marciniak,Oscar Roe, Mollie Smith, Dixie Baxter and Max Chivers-Blyth (Green); Charlie Pick and Louie Stace (Blue/White); Alfie Whittaker, Henry Elliott-Grooby, Macy Roe and Hannah Skelton (Blue).

Seniors (age 15+): Matt Muffett (Red); Chris Sanders (Yellow); Chris Sanders and Kieran Felstead (Orange); Dave and Adam John, Callum Shuttlewood, Richard Skelton and Duncan Brown (Green); Wikki Marciniak (Blue/White); Glen Kinghorn and Marco Gianesella (Blue); Sam Pugsley (Brown/White); Ian Dolton, Simon Artingstall, Max Calvert (Brown).

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