Lakevvie Fishery: Runners-up reach Middy Extreme Series final

Simon Skelton EMN-151118-090844002
Simon Skelton EMN-151118-090844002
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Brian Greenbury caught very well to win last Wednesday’s very windy Middy Xtreme Series match.

Fishing on peg 16 of the marina pool he caught 93lb of carp to 4lb, skimmers, barbel and F1s. Brian fished down the track and over shallow on 4.5 hard pellet.

Brian Greenbury EMN-151118-090829002

Brian Greenbury EMN-151118-090829002

With Brian already through to th final next March, runner-up Simon Skelton qualified by default with 79lb 2oz from peg 21, catching on maggot and pellet late on.

Top five: 1 Brian Greenbury (LV Select) 93lb (marina peg 16), 2 Simon Skelton (LV Select) 79lb 2oz (marina 21), 3 Aaron Morton (Maver Gold) 72lb 8oz (marina 12), 4 Andy Searle (LV Select) 61lb 13oz (marina 6), 5 Rob Henrick (LV Select) 57lb 4oz (marina 19).

* Saturday’s winner Shaun Butler is away in Cuba on the day of the final so gave his place to runner-up Sean Huggins who finished just four ounces ahead of Martin Tracery.

Shaun caught mainly carp to 4lb, F1s and skimmers on pellet down the track in bleak conditions with wind and persistent heavy rain.

Top five: 1 Shaun Butler (LV Select) 52lb (canal peg 14), 2 Steve Haywood (Middy) 43lb 8oz (canal 12), 3 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite) 41lb 8oz (canal 22), 4 Martin Thackery (WoodhouseAngCen) 41lb 4oz (canal 4), 5 Richard Kinnerslay (Coopers Tackle) 26lb 5oz (canal 10).

* Very windy conditions kept numbers down for Sunday’s open match with regular Brian Greenbury coming top with 76lb 4oz off peg nine.

His haul was made up mainly of carp to 5lb, F1s, skimmers and a few barbel fishing on 4.5 hard pellet down the track and over.

Top five: 1 Brian Greenbury (LV Select) 76lb 4oz (canal peg 9), 2 Peter Marlow 56lb 4oz (canal 5), 3 Richard Kinnerslay (Coopers Tackle) 50lb 8oz (canal 7), 4 Mick Beckhurst (LV Select) 45lb 10oz (canal 29), 5 Bob Greenbury (Drennan) 41lb 1oz (canal 15).