Lakeview Fishery: Winning weekend for father and son

Keith Daws EMN-150825-184349002
Keith Daws EMN-150825-184349002
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Father and son Keith and Ken Daws stole the show at Lakeview Fishery last weekend with two great wins.

Keith won Saturday’s Middy £4,000 qualifier to reach September’s final after catching well all day. He landed skimmers, carp, F1s and the odd barbel for a total haul of 106lb 7oz, catching on maggot down the track and margins.

Ken Daws EMN-150825-184401002

Ken Daws EMN-150825-184401002

Bob Murray won the weekly Middy landing net prize, and Scott Robinson was this month’s winner of the Middy 4GS rod.

Top five: 1 Keith Daws (LV Select) 106lb 7oz (peg 21), 2 Bob Greenbury (Drennan) 97lb 2oz (peg 5), 3 John Baker (Melton Ang) 94lb 13oz (peg 3), 4 Luke Bamford 87lb 1oz (peg 11), 5 Steve Haywood (Middy) 82lb 4oz (peg 23).

* Ken took centre stage at the Sunday Open match, winning with an excellent weight of 157lb 11oz off serpent peg nine.

The more sheltered lake of Serpent proved the more favourable on a gusty morning but four anglers topped the ton barrier.

Ken fished down the margins and track, feeding live maggot and using maggot on the hook to catch mainly carp and F1s.

Top five: 1 Ken Daws (Sensas) 157lb 11oz (serpent 9), 2 John Baker (Melton Ang) 122lb 15oz (serpent 14), 3 Danny Higgins (Woodhouse AC) 113lb 6oz (serpent 18), 4 Martin Almen (Melton Ang) 108lb (serpent 2), 5 Brian Greenbury (LV Select) 88lb 8oz (serpent 21).

* Having already qualified for the Middy final, Jamie Adcock was lucky to jump to first place at last Wednesday’s qualifier with 113lb 10oz after Scott Robinson was knocked back on one his nets by 5lb 10oz, giving him 112lb.

Jamie caught mainly carp, a few barbel and F1s on pellet and maggot by fishing down the track and over.

Dean Wright, who finished sixth, qualified for the final with the top five all having previously qualified.

Top five: 1 Jamie Adcock 113lb 10oz (canal 27), 2 Scott Robinson (MillTackle) 112lb, 3 Mick Beckhurst (LV Select) 89lb 9oz (canal 14), 4 Rob Henrick 79lb 6oz (canal 12), 5 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dyanmite) 79lb 2oz (marina 12).

* Results – Vets Saturday match: 1 Pete Sisson 36lb 15oz (river peg 20), 2 Ian Donaldson, 34lb 4oz (river 1), 3 Steve Beckhurst 33lb 3oz (river 17), 4 Roy Toulson 31lb 8oz (river 14), 5 Roger Holmes 27lb 13oz (river 8).

Vets Wednesday match: 1 John Cooke 58lb 12oz (serpent 2), 2 Gary Smith 43lb 12oz (serpent 9), 3 John Upton 31lb 12oz (serpent 14), 4 Roy Toulson 29lb 8oz (serpent 21), 5 Ian Donaldson 23lb 9oz (serpent 10).