Lakeview Fishery: Six ounces splits top two

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A mere six ounces separated the top two at last Wednesday’s veterans match at Lakeview Fishery.

On a day when decent weights were hard to come by, Roger Holmes and Martin Quilter were neck and neck throughout. Roger had to wait for the weigh-in to find he had won with a top weight of 66lb 2oz from peg five on the canal pool.

Martin, fishing canal peg eight, was left counting the cost of a lost fish in the last 10 minutes as he weighed in with 65lb 12oz. Both fished maggot across, but Martin had to resort to margin fishing late on to keep the fish coming.

Gary Smith took the back bank section with 38lb, and Alan Marshall, with 30lb, missed out on any pay-out as he fished the same side as the top two.

Everyone struggled again on the serpent where a few fish came late in the match. John Upton topped the lake with 19lb ahead of runner-up Keith Daws with 15lb, while the rest struggled to reach double figures.

On Saturday, Roger Holmes mastered the canal again to win from peg nine, fishing the preferred method of maggot across to the island to take 85lb.

Bob Greenbury, fishing alongside Roger, was not far off and finished second with 71lb, while Roy Toulson put in a rare appearance and was third with 65lb, and Keith Daws was in the frame yet again with 63lb.

Overall, there were four more 50lb bags and several in the 30s.