Lakeview Fishery: Murray and Thackery through to Middy final

Middy final qualifier Martin Thackery EMN-161201-162148002
Middy final qualifier Martin Thackery EMN-161201-162148002
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Lakeview Fishery regular Steve Haywood was the overall winner last Wednesday at the Middy Qualifier, fished on the marina pool.

Little separated the top three weights with Haywood (Middy) topping the field with 38lb 12oz, taken off peg 22. He caught mainly carp and F1s on maggot down the track and over.

Middy final qualifier Bob Murray EMN-161201-162137002

Middy final qualifier Bob Murray EMN-161201-162137002

Mick Beckhurst just missed out on second place with Bob Greenbury pipping him by just two ounces.

With the top eight in the match already qualified, it was another Lakeview regular Bob Murray who went through to the Middy Final on March 19.

Top five: 1 Steve Haywood (Middy) 38lb 12oz (peg 22), 2 Bob Greenbury (Drennan/Dynamite) 34lb 10oz (peg 11), 3 Mick Beckhurst (LV Select) 34lb 8oz (peg 3), 4 Dave Harper (Plumtree Pig Roast Co) 30lb 12oz (peg 20), 5 Ant Lee (LV Select) 29lb 5oz (peg 12).

* In-form angler Ant Lee won Saturday’s qualifier with a weight of 28lb 12oz, just beating Sean Huggins by a pound.

Ant caught down the track and over, catching F1s and carp on maggot.

Martin Thackery was the lucky one to qualify for the Middy Final in March by default after finishing in fifth place.

Ant’s brother Rob did not weigh, but also won the raffle prize of a Middy Water-skin stink bag.

Top five: 1 Ant Lee (LV Select) 28lb 12oz (peg 17), 2 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite) 27lb 12oz (peg 22),3 Eric Lillyman (LV Select) 23lb 5oz (peg 10), 4 Andy Searle (LV Select) 22lb 5oz (peg 24), 5 Martin Thackery (Woodhouse Ang Centre) 19lb 5oz (peg 15).

* Bitter cold wind and low temperatures over the week have seen the weights drop, but not for Gary Saddler at Lakeview’s Sunday open match.

Fishing from peg four on the lagoon pool, Gary caught 41lb 5oz on maggot and bread, giving him a few carp and more F1s.

Gary’s friend Sean Huggins, on lagoon peg seven, caught smaller F1s, leaving him close behind on 38lb 5oz off peg seven. Sean caught on bread and maggot.

Top five: 1 Gary Saddler (Sensas/Coopers Tackle) 41lb 5oz (lagoon peg 4), 2 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite) 38lb 5oz (lagoon 7), 3 Rob Lee (LV Select) 32lb 8oz (lagoon 23), 4 Paul Cooper (Coopers Tackle) 29lb 5oz (lagoon 25), 5 Ant Lee (LV Select) 27lb 5oz (marina 11).