Lakeview Fishery: Kev and Rob reach Middy final

qualifier Kev Kania EMN-151222-131035002
qualifier Kev Kania EMN-151222-131035002
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Kev Kania became the latest lucky qualifier by default for the Middy Xtreme Final on March 19 next year.

But it was regular Rob Lee, from Nottinghamshire, who took top spot at Saturday’s match, claiming 44lb 12oz off the canal’s peg one.

Rob Lee EMN-151222-131047002

Rob Lee EMN-151222-131047002

Rob, who had qualified three days earlier, caught down the track and over on maggot to producing a nice mix of carp, skimmers and F1s.

Top five: 1 Rob Lee (LV Select) 44lb 12oz (canal peg 1), 2 Dave Harpepr (Plumtree Pig Roast Co) 33lb 12oz (serpent 9), 3 Kev Kania (LV Select) 32lb 12oz (canal 9), 4 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite) 30lb 5oz (peg 29), 5 Jason Farmery (LV Select) 28lb 8oz (canal 5).

* Last Wednesday’s qualifying match was topped by Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite) who landed 55lb 4oz from peg three on the marina.

But with Sean and all of the top three anglers already having secured their place in the final, the qualifying spot went to Lee who finished in fourth place with 40lb 13oz from peg 12.

Top five: 1 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite) 55lb 4oz (peg 3), 2 Richard Kinnersley (Coopers Tackle) 54lb 4oz (peg 21), 3 Mick Beckhurst (LV Select) 45lb 5oz (peg 10), 4 Rob Lee (LV Select) 40lb 13oz (peg 12), 5 Ant Lee (LV Select) 35lb 12oz (peg 1).

* Sunday Open results –

Top 10: 1 Dave Harper (Plumtree Pig Roast Co) 73lb (marina peg 12), 2 Shaun Kemp (LV Select) 69lb 1oz (lagoon 5 - golden peg £60 bonus), 3 Ben Sharpe (Melton Ang) 32lb 4oz (marina 4), 4 Andy Searle (LV Select) 31lb 12oz (marina 25), 5 Bob Greenbury (Drennan) 29lb 12oz (marina 21), 6 Richard Kinnersley (Coopers Tackle) 22lb 5oz (lagoon 21), 7 Gary Saddler (LV Select) 19lb 5oz (lagoon 21), 8 Daz Sly (LV Select) 15lb 12oz (lagoon 7), 9 Keith Measures 10lb 5oz (marina 6), 10 Brian Nicholls (LV Select) 6lb 8oz (marina 9).