Lakeview Fishery: Cooke pips Marlow to Christmas Eve honours

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There were a few anglers avoiding any last-minute shopping as 19 turned out for a veterans match at Lakeview Fishery on Christmas Eve.

Fishing the reef and lagoon pools, it was a tale of two matches. Reef fished reasonably well with several anglers getting in excess of 30lb, but the lagoon failed to produce and only one angler took a reasonable weight.

John Cooke, who drew one peg away from the previous match on reef, managed to take the spoils with a 60lb bag as he found the fish feeding better towards the end of the match.

He was pushed all the way by Roger Marlow who looked like taking the match as he caught regularly, but with smaller fish he fell 4lb short and finished with 56lb.

Gary Smith found himself on the golden peg and thought he was in with a chance, but again the smaller catches left him on 50lb.

All three were on the far bank of reef as the other bank failed to produce the higher weights, but Brian Orme took the section with a creditable 37lb.

On lagoon, only Bob Greenbury could find any quantity of fish and despite quiet periods in the match he came in with 31lb.

Despite being on a more favourable peg, runner-up Martin Quilter could only manage an 11lb catch, but with high winds and the sun making fishing across tough, conditions were far from perfect.

Everyone turned out to be winners as the fishery came up with prizes for all to thank the anglers for their support throughout the year.

The next Lakeview veterans match will be on New Year’s Eve, weather permitting.