Lakeview Fishery: Barlow and Round through to £4,000 Middy qualifier

Lakeview qualifier Neil Barlow EMN-150721-133622002
Lakeview qualifier Neil Barlow EMN-150721-133622002
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Neil Barlow went through to the Middy £4,000 Lakeview qualifier by just a pound at last Wednesday’s match.

Regular Dave Harper was the clear winner by catching 105lb 1oz, mainly carp up to 4lb and skimmers to 2lb, while Andy Searle was a close second with 102lb 6oz, fishing with maggot and worm, and using ground bait feeding pellet to catch F1s to 2lb, but mainly carp to 4lb.

Lakeview qualifier Dave Round EMN-150721-133633002

Lakeview qualifier Dave Round EMN-150721-133633002

But with the top three already through, fourth place was enough for Neil to get through by default.

Top five: 1 Dave Harper 105lb 1oz (marina peg 9); 2 Andy Searle (LVS) 102lb 6oz (river 20); 3 Doug Jackson (IND) 86lb 9oz (marina 12); 4 Neil Barlow (SutherlandNews) 82lb 13oz (marina 25); 5 Kev Kania (LVS) 82lb 2oz (river 5).

* Dave Round also qualified for the September match by default after finishing third in Saturday’s match.

Andy Searle again took first place, catching 99lb 8oz off peg 20 having drawn this peg for the second straight match.

Top five: 1 Andy Searle (LVS) 99lb 8oz (peg 20); 2 Bob Greenbury (Sensas) 67lb 8oz (peg 14); 3 Dave Round (WoudhouseAC) 57lb 10oz (peg 5); 4 Jason Farmery (LVS) 54lb 12oz (peg 1) 5 Neil Edwads (LVS) 43lb 4oz (peg 12).

* Regular Ken Daws chalked up another match win at Lakeview, as he took Sunday’s open honours off marina peg eight.

Ken caught over and down the track fishing maggot and worm feeding pellet and despite a tricky wind, caught a mix of F1s, skimmer and carp.

Top five: 1 Ken Daws (Sensas) 83lb 8oz (marina 8); 2 Jason Sahall (LVS) 79lb 13oz (marina 25); 3 Ben Checkley 77lb 12oz (stream 12); 4 Bob Greenbury (Sensas) 71lb 11oz (marina 3); 5 Daz Sly (LVS) 57lb 1oz (marina 12).