Lakeview Fishery: Anglers battle on through plunging temperatures

John Kania EMN-151124-164309002
John Kania EMN-151124-164309002
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The weather put the dampeners on Saturday’s Middy Xtreme Winter Series Qualifier at Lakeview Fishery as snow, heavy rain and strong winds made fishing very difficult.

Newcomer Sam Brown was the overall winner, qualifying for the Middy Final next March, after catching 23lb, fishing shallow off peg 20. He took F1s to 2lb and carp to 3lb on pellet and maggot.

Qualifier Sam Brown EMN-151124-164319002

Qualifier Sam Brown EMN-151124-164319002

Keith Daws won the Middy Xtreme water/skin stink bag raffle, and Sean Huggins earned the Middy Xtreme cool/baits bag for the highest total weight over the last four weeks (251lb 5oz).

Top five: 1 Sam Brown (Maver) 23lb (peg 20), 2 Dave Harper (Plumtree Pig Roast Co) 17lb (peg 8), 3 Mark Akiens (LV Select) 11lb 6oz (peg 4), 4 Steve Beckhurst (LV Select) 11lb 5oz (peg 25), 5 Andy Searle (LV Select) 8lb (peg 12).

* John Kania got through from last Wednesday’s qualifier despite finishing fifth.

With the top four having already booked their places at the final, a catch of 30lb 8oz was enough for John to progress.

Top five: 1 Brian Greenbury (LV Select) 72lb 13oz (serpent peg 18), 2 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite) 60lb 1oz (serpent 25), 3 Dave Harper (Plumtree Pig Roast Co) 43lb 5oz (serpent 14), 4 Simon Skelton (LV Select) 36lb 8oz (serpent 21), 5 John Kania (LV Select) 30lb 8oz (lagoon 25). Lagoon 25).

* With temperatures at minus four for the start of Sunday’s open match, many anglers chose to stay in bed.

But it didn’t stop 10 from turning out with regular Bronson Arme winning from peg 23 with 28lb 5oz, taking F1s to 2lb and carp to 4lb. He caught on pellet and maggot shallow in a highly competitive match.

Top five: 1 Bronson Arme (LV Select) 28lb 5oz (peg 23), 2 Brian Nicholls (LV Select) 21lb 8oz (peg 9), 3 Steve Haywood (Middy) 15lb 5oz (peg 17),

4 Bob Dyer (Maver) 11lb 5oz (peg 20), 5 Brian Greenbury (LV Select) 11lb 3oz (peg 12).