Lake View Fishing: Searle warms up for final with back-to-back wins

Double winner Andy Searle EMN-180220-164212002
Double winner Andy Searle EMN-180220-164212002
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With just a few qualifiers remaining before the Middy Adrenaline Winter final on March 3, Bronson Arme and Jimmy Aley were the latest to book their places.

Arme came through Wednesday’s qualifier at Lake View Fishery after finishing fifth with 10lb 8oz, while Aley landed 39lb 12oz to finish fourth on Saturday.

Jimmy Aley was Saturday's qualifier EMN-180220-164224002

Jimmy Aley was Saturday's qualifier EMN-180220-164224002

Andy Searle topped both matches, taking 48lb in appalling conditions on Wednesday, and then heading a 27-man field with 63lb three days later.

In the week’s other matches, Steve Beckhurst won the Saturday vets’ match with 36lb 2oz, and Sean Huggins took the Sunday Open honours with 48lb 5oz.

Results (top 5) –

Middy Adrenaline Winter Qualifier (Match 45): 1 Andy Searle (LVS) 48lb (lagoon peg 25), 2 Baz Bright (RAF) 39lb 12oz (lagoon 6), 3 Steve Haywood (Middy) 32lb 12oz (lagoon 23), 4 Keith Clifton 14lb 12ox (lagoon 21), 5 Bronson Arme (Marukyu) 10lb 8oz (lagoon 12).

Middy Adrenaline Winter Qualifier (Match 46): 1 Andy Searle (LVS) 62lb 1oz (lagoon peg 6), 2 Jason Farmery (LVS) 45lb 5oz (lagoon 4), 3 Brian Greenbury (Cooopers Tackle) 44lb 8oz (lagoon 14), 4 Jimmy Aley (AMSOA) 39lb 12oz (river 1), 5 Robo Robinson (Tramp AC) 37lb 8oz (marina 25).

Saturday Vets: 1 Steve Beckhurst 36lb 2oz (stream peg 17), 2 Ian Donaldson 30lb 2oz (stream 5), 3 Chris Shore 29lb 2oz (stream 19), 4 Roger Marlow 18lb 2oz (stream 3), 5 Roger Holmes 8lb 8oz (stream 15).

Sunday Open: 1 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite Baits) 48lb 5oz (lagoon peg 23), 2 Brian Greenbury (Coopers Tackle) 42lb 1oz (lagoon 10), 3 Bob Greenbury (Drennan) 23lb 5oz (lagoon 6), 4 Bronson Arme (Marukyu) 20lb 12oz (lagoon 14), 5 Bill Arme (LVS) 15lb 8oz (lagoon 4).