Lake View Fishery: Three the magic number for Middy qualifiers

Ian Brown EMN-170516-192212002
Ian Brown EMN-170516-192212002
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Pete Woods and Ian Brown became the latest anglers to qualify for the Middy Xtreme/Dynamite Baits Summer Series final in September.

Third spot was good enough for both to make it through, with Woods (62lb 10oz) finishing behind Wednesday winner Mick Beckhurst, and Asfordby and Melton Society angler Brown landing just shy of 75lb on Saturday, but still a way behind winner Ken Daws who ended with a big three-figure haul.

Pete Woods EMN-170516-192157002

Pete Woods EMN-170516-192157002

Andy Bailey also reached three figures to win the Sunday Open, but it was runner-up Bob Greenbury had the consolation of a golden peg bonus of £130 after landing the top weight on canal of 92lb.

Results (top 5) -

Middy Xtreme/Dynamite Baits Summer Series Qualifier (Wednesday): 1 Mick Beckhurst (Preci-Spark Sports) 79lb 12oz (canal peg 19), 2 Andy Searle (LVS) 66lb 13oz (canal 10), 3 Pete Woods 62lb 1oz (canal 14), 4 Chris Neal (Rutlander) 58lb 1oz (canal 17), 5 Dave White (LVS) 42lb 13oz (canal 12).

Middy Xtreme/Dynamite Baits Summer Series Qualifier (Saturday): 1 Ken Daws (LVS) 114lb 3oz (canal peg 11), 2 Jimmy Aley (AMSOA) 90lb 4oz (canal 3), 3 Ian Brown (AMSOA) 74lb 13oz (canal 15), 4 Jon Wake (Dynamite/Shimano) 74lb 1oz (canal 24), 5 Pete Beardall 71lb 10oz (canal 13).

Sunday Open match: 1 Andy Bailey (Diawa/Marukyu) 100lb 13oz (lagoon peg 7), 2 Bob Greenbury (Drennan) 92lb (golden peg 7 canal), 3 Steve Ward 82lb 8oz (canal 9), 4 Keith Daws (LVS) 80lb 10oz (canal 5), 5 John Shellard (Drennan) 79lb 1oz (canal 26).