Lake View Fishery: Searle and Bower through to March final

Mark Bower landed the biggest match weight of the week at Lake View Fishery to book his place in the Middy Adrenaline Baits Autumn/Winter final next March.

Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 4:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 4:14 pm
Mark Bower EMN-180925-150813002

Bower fell just five pounds short of the 100lb mark from peg five on canal to top last Wednesday’s qualifier, with Brian Greenbury almost 9lb back in second place.

All of the top seven weights came fem the canal lake which also produced the best weights at Saturday’s qualifier.

Andy Searle won this time round with just shy of 85lb from peg 11, comfortably clear of rummer-up Steven Pretty as the canal lake served up the best nine weights.

Andy Searle EMN-180925-150802002

Steve Haywood grabbed his customary win at a depleted Sunday Open.

He topped a seven-man field with 49lb 5oz from peg four on lagoon.

Results (top five) –

Middy Adrenaline Baits Autumn/Winter Qualifier match five: 1 Mark Bower 95lb 1oz (canal peg 5), 2 Brian Greenbury (Coopers Tackle) 86lb 4oz (canal 14), 3 Bob Greenbury (Drennan) 83lb 13oz (canal 2), 4 Kev Kania (LVS) 81lb 1oz (canal 20), 5 Steve Nattrass (LVS) 75lb (canal 7).

Middy Adrenaline Baits Autumn/Winter Qualifier match six: 1 Andy Searle (LVS) 84lb 8oz (canal peg 11), 2 Steven Pretty (LVS) 73lb 1oz (canal 3), 3 Chris Hale (LVS) 58lb 4oz (canal 5), 4 Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite Baits) 50lb 8oz (canal 15), 5 Roger Marlow (Drennan) 49lb 1oz (canal 7).

Sunday Open: 1 Steve Haywood (Middy) 49lb 5oz (lagoon peg 4), 2 Tony Blackwell (LVS) 39lb 8oz (lagoon 7), 3 John Baker (LVS) 33lb 12oz (lagoon 20), 4 Pete Exton 33lb 5oz (lagoon 14), 5 Stu Redman 32lb 12oz (lagoon 10).