Hamilton Tennis Club: Mixed team extend 100 per cent record

Hamilton's mixed third team made it back-to-back whitewash wins EMN-160908-120517002
Hamilton's mixed third team made it back-to-back whitewash wins EMN-160908-120517002
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Hamilton Tennis Club’s third mixed team gained their second victory of the season last week with another 9-0 whitewash, this time over Roundhill Firsts.

Scores: Andy Stevens/Jenny Golland W 9-2, 9-4, 9-8; Will Harrison/Helen Roper W 9-5, 9-4, 9-2; Joe Jackson/Sue Harrison W 9-5, 9-3, 9-5.

* The second mixed team lost 6-3 to Charnwood Firsts.

Ryan Parmar and Sibella Chew, and Jack Elliss with Carol Gilchrist both lost very close sets which could have turned the match into a close win, but it was not to be.

Scores: Ryan Parmar/Sibella Chew L 8-9, 1-9, W 9-0; Jack Elliss/Carol Gilchrist L 7-9, 3-9, W 9-0; Justin Horobin/Emily Harrison L 4-9, 1-9, W 9-0.

* The fourth mixed team also lost 6-3, to Oadby Granville Thirds.

Doug Hacking and Sue Harrison won maximum three sets, but the other pairs found the opposition too strong.

Scores: Doug Hacking/Sue Harrison W 9-6, 9-4, 9-7; Barrie Farnsworth/Cindy Coulter L 6-9, 1-9, 2-9; Steve Thompson/Sue Corfield L 1-9, 3-9, 2-9.

* The ladies’ second team completed their fixtures with a rain-delayed match against Rothley Ivanhoe Firsts, but lost 6-3.

Each pair won a set, but this defeat sealed their fate as they were relegated from Group Two.

Scores: Carol Gilchrist/Helen Roper W 9-1, L 2-9, 5-9; Jo Heggs/Laura McMullen L 4-9,4-9, W 9-2; Jenny Golland/Beth Lowe W 9-4, L 1-9, 4-9.

* Relegation from Group 4B was also sealed when the ladies’ fourth team lost 5-4 to Desford Firsts.

Their fate was, perhaps, not surprising when the majority of the team who contributed to last season’s promotion were unavailable.

Polly Dolby and Hazel Crymble won two sets and the other two pairs won a set each.

Scores: Eileen Merrison/Jess Jackson L 1-9, 5-9, W 9-3; Emily Harrison/Jill Woods L 2-9, 5-9, W 9-5; Polly Dolby/Hazel Crymble L 3-9, W 9-6, 9-2.

* The ladies’ veterans first team gained a 6-2 win over Lutterworth which should enhance their chances of avoiding the drop.

Rosie Gildove and Margaret Heggs won a maximum four sets, while Cindy Coulter and Lesley Greaves added two for the win.

Scores: Rosie Gildove/Margaret Heggs W 6-1, 6-0; W 6-2, 6-2. Cindy Coulter/Lesley Greaves D 6-7, 6-1; D 6-0, 3-6.

* The ladies’ veterans second team edged Oadby Granville 5-3.

Polly Dolby and Jill Woods won two sets, and the match was clinched when Eileen Merrison and Chris Stevens won one set and drew the other against Oadby’s first pair.

Scores: Eileen Merrison/Chris Stevens D 6-3, 2-6; W 6-3, 6-2. Polly Dolby/Jill Woods L 5-7, 2-6; W 6-1, 6-2.

* The men’s veterans first team of Dave Gildove, Doug Hacking, Barrie Farnsworth and Nigel Crymble lost 8-0 to Kibworth, a result which could push them closer to relegation.