Mowbray Rangers Pumas 1-0 Loughborough Dynamo Excavators

Newly-promoted Mowbray Rangers Pumas EMN-150809-194439002
Newly-promoted Mowbray Rangers Pumas EMN-150809-194439002
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Mowbray Rangers Pumas U12s started their first home game of the Division Two season in sensational style.

A short goalkick from Loughborough Dynamos found Cameron Morbey perfectly placed to knock in his first league goal since returning to the club in the summer.

The Pumas capitalised on their confident start. Alex Corker and Mason Flower worked well together on the left, while Josh Carlisle and Hugo Cantrill supplied a steady stream of passes to William Sercombe, Dylan Hill, George Cook, Morbey and Corker who all displayed good anticipation to create further chances.

This flurry of activity forced the visitors into a physical approach which brought a string of chances on goal, But Jamie Goodwin stayed in control with some impressive blocks and saves.

The Dynamos continued their attack into the second half with Goodwin working hard to deny them an equaliser from a free-kick.

But Mowbray had further chances through Noah Hack’s pace and perseverance, Hill’s skilful arcing shot and an outstanding free-kick from Corker which just skimmed the post.

As substitutes Cameron Mee, Daniel Hindmarsh, and Jack Rowe got stuck in, Loughborough continued their rampage, clearly feeling the pressure.

They made several advances on goal and some questionable tackles, but they were all in vain, as Goodwin deservedly preserved his clean sheet to see out the win.

An excellent display of teamwork and exemplary sportsmanship.

Pumas: H. Cantrill, J. Carlisle, G. Cook, A. Corker, M. Flower, J. Goodwin, N. Hack, D. Hill, D. Hindmarsh, C. Mee, C. Morbey, J. Rowe, W. Sercombe.