Mixed fortunes for Mowbray Rangers and Asfordby FC

Newly-promoted Mowbray Rangers Pumas EMN-150809-194439002
Newly-promoted Mowbray Rangers Pumas EMN-150809-194439002
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Asfordby Under 16s had 11 players and no subs for their openign league fixture, while hosts Ibstock had players to spare.

The visitors started slowly, but despite early Ibstock pressure the Asfordby keeper had only a few saves to make.

Asfordby eventually found their feet, testing Ibstock’s defence several times, but midway through the first half the hosts broke the deadlock when a free kick sailed into a crowded Asfordby goalmouth and glanced off Ashman’s head into the far bottom corner.

The first half ebbed and flowed, but held on to their slender lead at half-time.

Asfordby stepped up their game after the break, but still the Ibstock keeper had little to do as shots went high and wide. Man-of-the-match Page’s outstanding save from an Ibstock counter kept Asfordby in the game, and with two minutes left Bullimore let fly from 25 yards and found the net.

At the restart, Asfordby could sense an opportunity and nicked a stunning win as Bullimore repeated the trick with another long-range scorcher just before full-time.

The game was played in great spirit with Asfordby deserving the win on their second half performance.

Asfordby: J. Page, W. Cregan, T. Moore, C. Moore, M. Lee, J. Shelley, J. Bullimore, J. Osborne, J. Hoare, H. Ashman, S. Cochrane.

* Newly-promoted Mowbray Rangers Pumas Under 12s began life in Division Two with five new players, two new managers and a new fitness coach for their season opener at Harborough Town.

Harborough found their feet first and created a string of chances, forcing Josh Carlisle, Hugo Cantrill and Mason Flower to step up their defence in support of keeper Jamie Goodwin who denied the hosts an early lead.

Cameron Morbey, Dylan Hill, Alex Corker, George Cook and skipper William Sercombe worked well to create their own opportunities, with some outstanding solo runs and neat footwork from Hill and Sercombe, while Morbey’s superb effort bounced off the bar.

With the half-time whistle looming on an end-to-end match Town used their faster pace and counter-attacking play to snatch the lead.

The unrelenting pace continued in the second half with chances at both ends.

And following Cameron Mee’s shot, Noah Hack’s effort was parried out to Sercombe who was well placed to lash the ball into the top right corner for 1-1.

As Daniel Hindmarsh settled, more chances followed as Hack, Morbey, Mee and Cook continued on the offensive.

Despite excellent defence from Cantrill and Carlisle, Harborough retook the lead from a one-on-one.

With minutes to go, Jack Rowe joined the game, but despite last-minute attempts from Hill and Cook, the game finished 2-1.

A positive performance with good teamwork and commitment from the Pumas against an established Division Two side.

Pumas: H. Cantrill, J. Carlisle, G. Cook, A. Corker, M. Flower, J. Goodwin, N. Hack, D. Hill, D. Hindmarsh, C. Mee, C. Morbey, J. Rowe, W. Sercombe,