Melton Foxes celebrate at annual presentation night

Foxes mini age group Players of the Year EMN-160524-150635002
Foxes mini age group Players of the Year EMN-160524-150635002
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More than 500 junior footballers and family celebrated another season at the Melton Foxes presentation night at the Market Tavern.

The Master of Ceremony was Gillian Kotarba, and the awards were presented by the club chairman, Joe Hughes, while a raffle was held to raise funds for the club, with many local businesses and individuals donating prizes.

Among the award winners were Under 17s team manager Brent Horobin who won the Sam Hilton Memorial Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution, while under 17s player Cameron Steans was named Chairman’s Player of the Season.

Foxes secretary Hayley Smith was the Clubperson of the Year, and the Scott Bishop Memorial Trophy, awarded to one player across all mini-soccer age groups for outstanding recognition, went to Freddy Young.

Winners – Most Improved: Felix Fletcher (U7 Foxes); Kai Hollis (U7 Cubs); Samuel Brumpton (U8 Cubs); Fred Draper Hill (U9 Foxes); George Watkin (U9 Cubs); Finlay Reed (U9 Jades); James Orridge (U10); Edward Kirk (U11); Henry Jones (U12); Ben Cockerill (U12 2009); Todd Perfect-Yates (U13); Matthew Van Wyk (U14 2009); Lewis Spencer (U16); Alex Walker (U17).

Sportsman of the Year: Milo Dunn (U7 Foxes); Cameron Hughes (U7 Cubs); Cameron Pearson (U8 Cubs); Boyd Wilkinson (U9 Foxes); Jonathan Allaway (U9 Cubs); Caolan Dougherty (U9 Jades); Preston Charity (U10); Harry Prince (U11); Harry Window (U12); Mathew Wright (U12 2009); Harry Digby (U13); Oliver Tinsley (U14 2009); James Cartwright (U16); Chris Lovegrove (U17).

Player of the Year: Arthur Dobson (U7 Foxes); James Drennan (U7 Cubs); Lewis Clarke (U8 Cubs); Freddie Henfrey (U9 Foxes); Thomas Prestbury (U9 Cubs); Louie Keightley (U9 Jades); Henry Ellis (U10); Tallen Burt (U11); Freddie Welch (U12); Regan Fox (U12 2009); Kai Biggs-Finney (U13); Sean Royston (U14 2009); Ben Bridger (U16); Alex Horobin (U17).

Five-Year Awards: Edward Kirk, Tallen Burt, Jack York, Quinn Brittain, Finley Warner, Matthew Lewis, Bayley Purkiss, Freddie Welch, Gabriel Jackson, Billy Charavorty, Regan Fox, Harry Taft, Lewis Kelly, Charlie Clarke, Alex Walker.