Dawes in the cash after win in Bank Holiday combined event

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The latest local sports news.
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A combined two day event at Lake View Fishery over the Bank Holiday weekend saw Steve Hoult finish as the overall winner with a total weight of 174-06.

Steve’s win earned him £275 and a Dynamite Towel,

Other places: 2. Ken Daws - £220 & Dynamite Towel; 3. Steven Pretty - £160 & Dynamite Towel: 4. Scott Robinson - £120 & Dynamite Towel; 5. Andy Searle - £100 & Dynamite Towel; 6. Sam Allen - £80 & Dynamite Towel; 7. David Breakwell - Dynamite Bait & Towel; 8. Phil Hill - Dynamite Bait & Towel; 9. Danny Higgins - Dynamite Bait & Towel; 10. Bob Greenbury - Dynamite Bait & Towel; 11. Bronson Arme - Dynamite Bait & Towel; 12. Jason Sahall - Dynamite Bait & Towel; 13. Dave White - Dynamite Bait & Towel.

Andy Searle and Steven Pretty won the combined two day random pairs, taking home £20 each plus Dynamite Bait and Landing Net. Their combined total weight 258-05. John Shellard and Steve Hoult were very close behind with a combined weight of 254-12.

On the opening day, Saturday, 41 anglers fished on stream, canal and serpent and lake, and it was Steven Pretty who made the early running with a catch of 76-08-00 from peg 4, stream.

Also amongst the leaders on the opening day were Andy Searle, with a catch of 75-04, Richard Bond (67-13) and Scott Robinson (63-01).

By contrast Steve Hoult was back in 12th place with a catch weight of 48-01 from peg 7, canal.

But it was on day two, the Bank Holiday Monday, that Hoult came into his own. He recorded a big catch of 126-05 from peg 25, on lagoon, to finish well clear of the field over the two days.

Ken Daws (93-08) was second on day two from peg 10, canal, and he moved into second place overall.

Sam Allen (78-14) was third on the Monday and sixth overall, while Scott Robinson (66.01) was fourth on Monday and also in the overall standings.

Saturday’s leader Steven Pretty had to settle for eighth place on Monday, but his catch of 57.13 from peg 17, serpent, added to his opening day weight was enough to clinch third place in the two-day festival.