Cold winds keep weights down

Bob Greenbury EMN-171127-113722002
Bob Greenbury EMN-171127-113722002
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On day of strong cold winds, anglers at Lake View last Wednesday weren’t expecting good weights and it was difficult to find pegs with some shelter.

It was decided to use both Marina and Reef and only a few anglers managed to get above 30lbs.

Marina produced the best results and it was John Cooke on peg 4 who managed to keep the fish coming. Fishing maggot close in his total of 48lbs was a winning weight.

Alan Marshall found himself with some good cover from the wind and took second place with 44lbs.

Roger Holmes just took the section win from the other side of the lake with 30lbs but he was only 12ozs ahead of Chris Shore.

On Reef there was only one decent weight and this was made up of a few large carp from peg 11. Dick Green weighed in with 31lbs using his favoured method of 6mm pellet close in a method which has proven a successful one over the past few weeks. The other section on the lake was won by Keith Daws from peg 18 with only 15lbs.

n Also last Wednesday, the Adrenaline Baits Winter Qualifier took place on Canal Lake. It ended in a win for Bob Greenbury, weighing in with 73lbs 4 ounces from peg 23. In second place was Steve Haywood and third Ben Checkley.

Leading esults: 1. Bob Greenbury (Drennan) Leics 73-04 (peg 23): 2. Steve Haywood (MIDDY) Leics 69-01 (peg 12): 3. Ben Checkley, Notts 67-01 (peg 14) (Qualified for Middy-Adrenaline Baits Winter final on March 3 2018); 4. Andy Searle (LVS) Leics 59-04 (Peg 6); 5. Brian Greenbury (Coopers Tackle) Leics 54-01 (peg 3), 6. Mick Beckhurst (Preci-Spark Sports) Loughborough 34-12 (peg 9)).

n On Saturday, only three anglers could find sufficient fish to make up a decent weight on Stream.

Roger Holmes on peg 3 fished bread across to the island and with a total of 44lbs took top spot.

John Cooke came in second using a combination of bread and maggot across to the island from peg 18, he finished with 35lbs. Completing the top three was Steve Cuthbert with 30lbs.

n Fourteen anglers took part in the Middy-Adrenaline Baits Winter Qualifier at Marina Lake on Saturday.

The event was won by Richard Mazur from peg 19 with a weight of 53lbs 4 ounces, which qualified him to compete in the Middy-Adrenaline Baits Winter final on March 3 2018.

Results: 1. Richard Mazur, Notts, 53-04 (peg 19); 2. Brian Greenbury (Coopers Tackle) Leics,43-08 (peg 21); 3. Jason Farmery (LVS) Leics, 39-00 (peg 3); 4. Steve Haywood (MIDDY) Leics 29-05 (peg 5); 5. Bob Dyer (Maver) Leics, 25-12 (peg 12); 6. John Shellard (Drennan) Leics, 23-05 (peg 7).