Assassins set to make debut fights

Assassins fighters are preparing to make their debuts.
Assassins fighters are preparing to make their debuts.
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Three fighters are primed to make their debuts as the Assassins Muai Thai Gym prepare host their final show of the year.

Promoter Mark Barlow believes the trio will add something special to an impressive bill.

He said: “I think this is going to be a great show, up with the best I’ve done.

I’ve been teaching in the Assassins Gym for 27 years and the fighters I’ve got now are the most talented I’ve ever produced.

“I’ve been doing shows in Melton for 26 years and I think this show’s going to be special.

“Every show I try to improve the show and the fighters, and I think I have.”

Among those making his debut on the show on October 13 is Joe Sharpe.

Melton-based Sharpe has only been with the club about a year, but he has improved immensely.

His opponent will be Ayden Lehan, from Birmingham’s Ronan Thai, a club which produces tough, aggresive fighters who battle at a fast pace.

Another debutant will be Naven Rahi, who has been training with the Assassins for 18 months.

He has been itching to fight and now he has his chance.

Rahi will meet Brandon Dixon of Hull’s Temple Gym.

He is also a novice fighter and the bout is matched at 58kg.

Harley Cole will also make his debut, opening the show with a non-decision bout against a young lad from Hull.

Tickets are on sale from Assassins members, Nicko’s Fish Bar or the club’s Facebook page.