Asfordby and Melton angling: Paul lands emphatic win

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The Asfordby and Melton Society of Anglers’ latest match was held on the marina pool at Lakeview Fishery.

Fish were hard to find for some anglers, but Paul Clifton was a clear winner. Alternating between bread punch and maggot, fished on the pole from peg 23, Steve weighed in 37lb 8oz.

From the other end of the pool on peg 11, Steve Beckhurst used similar tactics to finish second with 27lb, while Paul Turner was third with 16lb from peg 25.

The society’s next match is on Sunday.

* Lakeview Fishery had the aerator running most of the night to keep ice to a minimum ahead of its Sunday Open match on the reef pool. The freezing temperatures took hold, but an exciting match went ahead with little to separate the top weights.

Results: 1 Ken Daws (Sensas) 32lb 12oz (peg 1), 2 Steve Haywood (Middy) 23lb 12oz (peg 13), 3 Andy Searle (Middy) 22lb 12oz (peg 5), 4 Brian Greenbury (Sensas) 22lb 8oz (peg 25), 5 Shaun Huggins (Dynamite) 20lb 8oz (peg 11), 6 Gary Saddler (Dynamite) 18lb 8oz (peg 3), 7 Bob Dyer (Maver) 15lb 10oz (peg 14), 8 Matt Smith (newcomer) 8lb 8oz (peg 20).