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The latest local sports news.
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Only the hardy few braved a bad weather forecast to compete in the Lakeside Vets angling match on Wednesday, December 5.

River provided the best shelter and it produced a close finish, with Martin Quilter. fishing from peg 13, finished with a total weight of 24lbs taken on double maggot close into the margin.

This was just enough to take the win from Roger Holmes in second place, who was just a pound behind with 23lbs from peg 1.

In third place was John Cooke, a further pound behind with 22lbs from peg 10. Cliff Adcock (17lbs) was fourth.

On Saturday the anglers had to contend with strong winds and weights were significantly down.

Fishing Marina, it was the end pegs that found a few fish with the rest lucky to get one or two.

Martin Quilter was on golden peg 25 and had a good chance to win but Roger Holmes on peg 1 found those extra fish to take the match with just 15lbs fishing the margins long.

Martin came second with 10lbs, taken on double maggot in the deep water close in, with Tom Hamilton (9lbs) on peg 14 third.

The Middy Adrenaline Baits Autumn/Winter Qualifier took place on Wednesday on Marina Lake, with 13 anglers taking part.

Bob Greenbury won the day with a weight of 54-01-00, from peg 23,

Full results: 1.Bob Greenbury (Drenan) Leics 54-01-00 (peg 23), 2. Pete Exton (LVS) Leics 46-01-00 (peg 21), 3. Chris Hale (LVS) Derbys 39-12-00 (peg 1) - qualified for the Middy Adrenaline Baits autumn/winter final on Saturday, March 2 - 4. Baz Bright, 24-12-00 (peg 14), 5. Steve Kinch, 24-05-00 (peg 25), 6. Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite Baits(Leics) 19-12-00 (peg 11), 7. Tom Pringle (Coopers Tackle) Leics 18-12-00 (peg 3), 8. Andy Searle (LVS) Leics 16-12-00 (peg 5), 9. Mick Beckhurst( Preci-Spark Sports) Loughborough 11-05-00 (peg 19), 10. Brian Orme (10-12-00) (peg 16), 11. Alan Rainbow (Burt Baits) 9-05-00 (peg 12), 12. Steve Haywood (MIDDY) Leics DNW (peg 7), 13. Brian Greenbury (Coopers Tackle) Leics DNW (peg 9).

Another Middy Adrenaline Baits Autumn/Winter Qualifier took place on Canal Lake on Saturday and again 13 anglers competed.

Joey Griffin weighed in with 37.04, from peg 15, to take the win,

Full results: 1. Joey Griffin 37-04-00 (peg 15), 2. Ben Checkley 26-04-00 (peg 7), 3. Steve Kinch 24-08-00 (peg 17) - qualified for the Middy Adrenaline Baits autumn/winter final on Saturday, March 2 - 4. Bronson Arme (LVS) Notts 14-04-00 (peg 3), 5. Daz Sly (Coopers Tackle) Leics 11-04-00 (peg 11), 6. Bill Arme 10-00-00 (peg 22), 7. Tom Newton 9-02-00, 8. Nick Davey, 9. Andy Searle (LVS) Leics 7-08-00 (peg 30), 10. John Baker (LVS) Leics 5-12-00 (peg 20), 11. Alan Cox 5-02-00 (peg 25), 12. Gary Cox, 2-09-00 (peg 27), 13. Char Millington DNW (peg 5).

An Open Match on Lagoon Lake on Sunday was won by Wayne Smith from peg 10. He weighed in with 26-02-00 to finish nearly two pounds clear of runner up Sean Huggins.

Full results: 1. Wayne Smith 26-02-00 (peg 10), 2. Sean Huggins (Drennan/Dynamite Baits) Leics (24-05-00) (peg 22), 3. Chris Hale (LVS) Derbys 20-12-00 (peg 7), 4. Bob Greenbury (Drennan) Leics 20-04-00 (peg 4), 5. Steve Haywood (MIDDY) Leics 20-02-00 (peg 19), 6. Pete Exton (LVS) Leics 11-02-00 (peg 14), 7. Bob Dyer (Maver) Leics 10-02-00 (peg 25).