2018 CiCLE Classic: Where to see the race

The race passes through Sherrard Street for the first lap of the finishing circuit EMN-181104-182305002
The race passes through Sherrard Street for the first lap of the finishing circuit EMN-181104-182305002
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In 2018 the opportunities to view the race are numerous, and for the enthusiastic spectator it’s possible to see the race in more than 10 places during its route between Oakham and Melton.

Hot and cold drinks and snacks will be available at various locations on and around the course, not least at the start and finish areas in Oakham and Melton town centres.

There is also a big barbecue at Owston, the race’s traditional heart which always boasts a party atmosphere, and where there is a commentary point for much of the race. Grant’s Free House, at Burrough, is also on the race route.

Suggestions -

* The start in Oakham Town Centre (team presentation and interviews with the race favourites on the race podium from 10.15am until the start at 11am

* Top of Barnsdale Bank on the North Shore of Rutland Water as the riders lap the water in reverse direction for the first time

* Or at the Stamford Road bypass island just outside Oakham to view the actual start and completion of the first lap of Rutland Water

* Back to Oakham Town Centre to see the Oakham Wines sprint

* Quickly off to the top of Cold Overton Road as the race exits the new Barleyberg special sector (Manor Lane)

* The top of Cold Overton hill for the first King of the Hills climb.

* Somerby for the first passage of the race

* Owston or Burrough-on-the-Hill for the race’s numerous passages through the villages

* Or back to Cold Overton Hill for the fourth King of the Hills climb, or onto Somerberg (Bruce’s Lane) for the ultimate CiCLE Classic experience

* Stapleford Park to see the race’s two passages of the new off-road parkland sectors

* Or the entry or exit of the race’s penultimate rough sector at Sawgate Lane at the top of Burton Road, in Melton

* Melton town centre following the St George’s Day parade for the race’s first passage of Sherrard Street for the ‘Pork Pie’ sprint prize before riders begin the finishing circuit back to Burton Lazars and Stapleford Park

* The finish in Sherrard Street