Melton Times reader letter: Outrage over missed appointments

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Grantham Journal letter.
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I’m not surprised by your headline - Melton Times, October 8 - ‘Thousands of patients fail to show.’

I encountered a similar instance a few years ago, at the new St Mary’s Hospital, when I was attending outpatients there.

I noticed on the board they had disclosed a similar notice - over 1,000 patients hadn’t attended appointments there over a period of time.

It is outrageous. People shouldn’t be so rude. If they don’t attend they should be put back to the bottom of the queue. I wrote at the time saying they should be charged, but obviously nothing has changed.

I think it’s absolutely disgraceful this is also happening at the surgery. Our NHS system is already at breaking point and this abuse of a doctor’s time should not be allowed to continue.

These ill-mannered people should be charged and also named and shamed. Oh dear! I forgot, it is against their human rights. There would soon be an outcry if the NHS folded and they had to pay every time they visited. They should learn some manners and to be less selfish. These are the people who spoil it for others.

Barbara Todd

Willoughby Close, Melton