Melton Times letter: Fears over impact of planned fire service cuts

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I have been made aware of plans for the future of our local fire station that both alarm and annoy me.

Time is running out in making the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS )see the error of their ways.

I understand the LFRS need to find £1.3 million to balance the books.

£1.3 million is a pittance in the grand scheme of things, especially when you think of the lives that are saved and where millions are spent on other less important projects.

We, the public, provide, through our taxes, funds to have this vital protection and from what I hear the LFRS has spent £11m of our money on the new service headquarters and Birstall station, £1.2m on the refurbishment of the Melton Station and, a few years ago, £5m on Central Station which it has now decided to close.

The monies spent in the Melton refurb was due, in part, to the growth of Melton Borough. One of the fire engines is to be replaced by a response car.

Unlike the response car used in the ambulance service, which is now tried and tested, it will be unable to tackle anything greater than a small chip pan fire.

Should my house be on fire and I saw this response car turn up then the only thing I could possibly hope to salvage will be my garden gate!

If the plans for Melton station go ahead then our brave firemen and ladies would be expected to cover the same amount of area and work with only just over half the manpower.

If we get another fire like the one at the old council offices or Asfordby Storage warehouse then expect damage and life threatening situations to be much worse as it is physically impossible to provide the current cover with less manpower and less equipment.

We have until Friday, December 4 until the public consultation ends. We must all respond to this consultation and make them understand our fears.

Duncan Shelley

Princess Drive, Melton