Melton Times letter: Councillor’s concerns over Brooksby Melton College’s proposed development at the Spinney

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I have two major concerns with Brooksby Melton College’s proposed 70 dwelling housing development in our parish at the Spinney, Brooksby.

Firstly, by aiming to meet its legal requirement to have a proportion of affordable housing by linking it to a matched development on a site in Melton, none will be built in this parish.

At a time when affordable housing in rural areas is extremely scarce, and difficult to fund, I hope the borough’s planning committee recognises its responsibility for rural housing in the borough. Why shouldn’t people, who can’t afford to buy, live in an attractive rural environment?

Secondly, the college is creating even greater traffic issues than those that have developed with its expansion throughout the Brooksby area over the last three years. The main junction on the A607 is already dangerous and the traffic proposals in the development are inadequate.

If outline planning is granted the college will almost certainly sell the site to a developer and wash its hands of its responsibilities. This would be regrettable.

Whilst I want this publicly-funded body to sustain its academic achievements, it must also facilitate sustainable housing in the parish and fully address now the development’s impact and safety for its present and future residents.

Angus Walker

Parish councillor, Hoby